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Converting YouTube videos to MP3 is the newest trend online. There is no doubt that YouTube is the most popular video sharing site among online video lover community. Many amateur musicians and producers of homemade movies or videos also find YouTube as their ideal springboard. As a matter of fact, YouTube is now the largest online video community.

Not everyone is aware that YouTube is already owned by Google. Also, not everyone knows that YouTube might be a good way to promote your business. This website is very useful for movie and music lovers. However, not all video viewers prefer to watch these videos online. Many people are looking for the best way to get the Youtube videos they like and then share them with family and friends. And, many music lovers like to extract the music audio of their favorite songs in MP3 format, so that they can listen to these songs on their personal music players or smartphones. Here, we will show you how you can download YouTube videos to High Quality MP3 audio files or HD quality MP4 videos.
Although YouTube is the most popular video-sharing sites these days, it is yet not providing a way to download the movies or music videos. To meet this increasing demand, we have created this website to provide the service of downloading YouTube videos and converting YouTube files to MP3 and MP4 or FLV formats. You can extract audio from any YouTube video and download it in MP3 format.

Our site is growing in popularity, because we offer a way for music and movie lovers to convert YouTube videos to other formats quickly and efficiently without needing any software. On our site we offer One-click YouTube to MP3 converter. The YouTube to MP3 conversion is done very efficiently that you will be amazed by its speed. And, we offer this online Youtube MP3 converter totally free. At, there are almost zero efforts for our users. Even a person who is not so tech-savvy can download YouTube videos easily from our website. So, now instead, of just watching the videos online, you can download them and watch them at your convenience on your personal computer or smartphone.

How to convert YouTube videos to MP3?

You just need to enter the name of your website in the textbox provided in our website value calculator tool and click on the button or just press enter. Our unique algorithm will calculate and estimate the value of the website you have entered in approximate dollar values. It will also provide other domain related information available about the website you have entered.

Downloading YouTube Videos and converting them to MP3 or MP4 formats is a simple task if you use our free services. All you need to do is first note the URL of the YouTube video you like to download and convert to MP3 or other format. Just copy the permalink or the URL of the YouTube video and then paste it into the form for downloading and converting YouTube files. Select the desired output format and press the convert option. This process can take a minute or more. This, of course, depends on the size of your video and your internet connection speed. When the YouTube video conversion is finished, you will receive an online notification of how to verify and get the converted file and download it on to your computer.

Once you have the YouTube video on your computer, you can upload the files to your media player and enjoy watching the videos or just listening to the music tracks. We take pride to say that our YouTube to MP3 converter is a really simple application and among the best on the Internet. It does what it says and also adds other features like creating our own folders or even sharing the audio files with our friends through Facebook. You can download your favorite YouTube videos as mp3 files without even having to register on our site. We offer unlimited YouTube to MP3 conversions with no registration We also offer a multimedia player so that you can listen to all your MP3 downloads without having to exit the application. Its interface is just as easy to use, and you'd surely love it.
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